First patent application

First patent application

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Let us introduce our patent application today.
We have applied our first patent to Japan Patent Office on April 12th.
Patent Application (2019) 88642

The patent is about the 3D visualizing system for smartphone.
We invented the fold-able smartphone case that supports viewing a 3D scene with your smartphone.


The case is using the technology of Integral Photography with some special optical elements that bend the 3D image to your eye so that viewer can see the 3D scene from any vertical angles.
But, it still has problems, such as field of depth is shallow, viewing angle is small, resolution is not fine, and dissipation.
Although some problems are nature of Integral Photography, we will continue researching to overcome such issues.   

Right now, we only have the prototype-0 made of card board.
The prototype-1 made of leather and appropriate optical elements will be created by the end of August.
Look forward to it!